PaprikaPhoto is a new website that offers images for free, high-resolution pictures can be downloaded and use at no cost. All photographs are made by one photographer Nicolas Delafraye, myself.

This is how it started. After being disappointed with the big corporations of stock images, I decided to make my own site. First I had to find a name for this website and after many days (to not say weeks!) I finally came to it: PaprikaPhoto! Yes, this was the perfect name! "Why this name?" said my lovely wife. "Simple", I answered, "It is easy to remember and it is a spicy name!"

Now that I had a name I could start, by chance, the domain was not used! It is often a problem when you find a cool name because someone else thought of it before you.

My next step was to find someone to code my site. "That should not be too hard," I thought. Wow! It was. The problem was to find a good team that would follow my design exactly and with a reasonable price. I got very fast disappointed. So, I decided: "To hell with this, I will do it myself!", I rolled up my sleeves and started.

Now you have it! PaprikPhoto!

Best regards,

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